• Hi! And welcome to my How Veejable are You? compatibility test, 9 pages of questioning-goodness!

    The test is currently in alpha testing mode and anyone is more than welcomed to take it and provide feedback. The results are not categorized, but simply presented as percentages.

    Some questions may have multiple preferrable answers-- choose the one that you feel best fits your point of view. Whereas a lot of questions are sectioned off, I've tried to randomize them to prevent sequencing and reduce bias.

    Do not select answers based on their funniness; select the answers based on how well they describe your point of view-- FUNNINESS WILL NOT NECESSARILY SCORE YOU POINTS!

    note: In the list of possible answers, the pronoun "I" refers to you, the test-taker.

    note: In the questions being asked, the pronoun "I" refers to me, the test-writer.

    Good luck! And enjoy!