• You're obviously already interested, you're here, taking my test! What you want to find out is: Will we work out? I'll be honest, I don't know. This test won't tell you that, just how close you are to what I'm looking for. Hmmm. I suppose I should have titled this test better. I'll also be candid about this: I didn't join OKCupid for the expressed purpose of meeting a potential hook up, one-night stand, fuck buddy, casual girlfriend, steady girlfriend, future wife, future ex-wife, soulmate, the girl of my dreams, and/or the girl of my fantasies. Actually, I joined this site because I have fun taking all these incipid, crazy and insightful tests. Yes, I get bored easily. If you can keep me interested, that's some points in your favor. Nonetheless, I am not currently seeing anyone, so what the hell? I'm somewhat skeptical about online dating, but I do not oppose it either, so I'll keep this option open. If any of you ladies turn out to be close to what I'm looking for, email me, I'm open to meeting new people. Enough of my ranting, take the damn test! YOU SHOULD KNOW THERE ARE SOME SEXUALLY EXPLICIT QUESTIONS, SO DON'T TAKE THIS IF YOU'RE UNDER 18!!! Good Luck, Have Fun, Catch you on the other side.

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