• Hi! And welcome to my How well do you know 60's cartoons Test. It's pretty simple if you know your cartoons, however some of these are kind of obscure and haven't been on regular tv or cable for quite some time. Those of you fortunate enough to have Boomerang on your cable system will probably have a better shot. But a lot of these are available on DVD and or posted on YouTube. Here's how it works. Each question is a list of characters from the show. You have to pick the show from a multiple choice list. Ready?
  • 1
    Gidney & Cloyde, Professer Peachfuzz, Mr. Big.

  • 2
    Odie Colognie, Biggy Rat, Itchy Brother.

  • 3
    Multi, Fluie, Coily

  • 4
    Shep, Ursula, Ape.

  • 5
    Uncle Captain, Dishonest John, Go Man Van Gogh.