• Hi! And welcome to my How Well Do You Know China Test. I'll be asking questions based on my 10+ years of experience living in China, both in big cities and in towns so small I was the first foreigner ever to live there. I'll also be bringing in questions based on the experiences of friends who've lived here 7+ years. The questions, and the answer choices, may surprise you! If you do well, then you have a pretty good grasp of the Chinese and how they live and think. If you don't, then I'd recommend you come live here for a while before talking about them too much. And one warning: I'm not politically correct. I tell it like I see it, not like anyone (PC obsessed Westerners or the Chinese government) would like you to think it is. A few questions have more then one correct answer, or one answer that will get you SOME points, and a best answer that will get you more. Good luck!

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