The how well do you know comic book transformations Test

  • Transformation is a major theme in comic books, how well to you know this theme? Test your knowledge there.
  • 1
    Lois Lane was put though many transformations in her Silver Age comic, of the ones below which did she NOT go though?

  • 2
    When Billy Batson said SHAZAM he became Captain Marvel, what happened when Freddy Freeman said Captain Marvel?

  • 3
    In the 100th issue of the Amazing Spider-Man, Spidey was put though some changes, what were they?

  • 4
    In the 40’s, after seeming to have been killed , Superman’s first bald mad scientist archfoe the Ultra-Humanite returns after having his brain transplanted into the body of

  • 5
    Of the changes below, which one did Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s best friend in the 60’s, NOT go though?

  • 6
    In the Silver Age which color of Kryptonite caused Superman & Supergirl to go though strange changes or have nightmares?

  • 7
    In Mighty Avengers # 2, robot supervillain Ultron hacks into Ironman’s body and turns him into?

  • 8
    Of the DC Characters below, which one has never been turned into a Gorilla?

  • 9
    Hank Pym started out as Ant-Man, then adopted a second super identity, what was this?

  • 10
    In Superboy # 78 an alien woman seemingly turns Superboy into a girl after he makes a sexist remake, what did Clark call herself that week?