• Hi! And welcome to my How well do you know me? Test. I decided to make this test just because. None of you really know me so ill be surprised if people do well on this test. If you want to know any of the answers, then message me of which one you'd like to know.
  • 1
    What are my three favorite colors?

  • 2
    What "make" of car do I drive?

  • 3
    Have I ever been outside of the USA?

  • 4
    How many both combined bro/sis do I have?

  • 5
    What day did my dog die?

  • 6
    Have I ever been in a helicopter before?

  • 7
    Have I ever been on a cruise?

  • 8
    Was I breast fed as a child?

  • 9
    Did I have a full head of hair when I was born?

  • 10
    Have I ever jumped off a 30ft bridge before?