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    Vibrators and dildos and butt plugs, oh my! You've heard of those, but have you ever heard of Ben-Wa balls or the hot seat? Guys, how much to you know about toys aimed at girls? Girls, how much do you know about men's toys? Or toys for two men? Or two girls? Well, let's see how much you REALLY know! Start off with the basics, then work up to toys you may have never seen before! If you think you can go through the test and find answers in other questions, I'm sorry to disappoint you! This test was carefully written not to give any answers away!

    To define:
    "General" applies to toys that would be used by guys and girls, regardless of orientation.
    "Boy toys" are toys for or used by the guys.
    "Toys for ladies" are used either by the girls.
    "Alternate" toys are toys don't seem to fall into any category.

    And just so you know who wrote this test, I did. Hmmmmmm....