The 'How Well do You Know the Twilight Saga?' Quiz

  • Ok. So you think you're the absolute master of Twilight trivia? This quiz will either stroak your ego, or put you in your place. We all know the only TRUE way to take it is to put the books safely away on the shelf and resist the urge to google the answers. Here's the logic: I made the test without looking up any answers, so you should be able to take the test without looking any up, right? Anyway, it's your call if you're really going to do this right, but you have to deal with the guilt and the failure of having to look up answers that I can pull off the top of my head. *smirk* So with that said, you're on your way...good luck.

    WARNING!!! If you haven't read the whole series, there will be spoilers. So if that bothers you, don't take the test.