The How Well Do You Know Your Auto Insurance Policy Test

  • Insurance is the third largest expense people have yet few understand it. This test will help you understand the proper limits you need to carry.
  • Hi! And welcome to my How Well Do You Know Your Auto Insurance Policy Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your how responsible you are.
  • 1
    You blow a tire and roll your car and the fluids leak out and saturate the soil alongside the road. Hazmat must come "laundry" the soil at a cost of $35,000. What part of your auto insurance policy would cover this expense.

  • 2
    Your car is parked at a grocery store when a lone shopping cart starts rolling and hits your parked car damaging the paint. Which deductible would apply to this claim?

  • 3
    Which would be more expensive to repair?

  • 4
    You loan your car to a friend who has an accident ten minutes later. Would your insurance policy cover this accident?

  • 5
    The average soft-tissue (whiplash) injury accident lawsuit settles for how much money (in Arizona)?

  • 6
    Your policy has bodily injury limits of 100/300. You cause an accident which breaks someone's back and will cost them $300,000 in medical bills. Would your policy pay that victim $300,000?

  • 7
    If you don't have adequate bodily injury limits on your policy and you cause a serious injury accident and are sued how much can your wages be garnished each month?

  • 8
    Would your social security benefits be exempt from garnishment?

  • 9
    Are you seven times more likely to hit another car or be hit by another car?