• Hi! And welcome to my How Well Do You REALLY Know Me? Test. You are about to answer a series of questions based upon my MySpace profile.
  • 1
    In what state was I born?

  • 2
    For what major did I earn my degree?

  • 3
    What kind of truck do I drive?

  • 4
    Which 1980s rock group is most prominently featured in my favourite music groups?

  • 5
    In what Southern state do I live?

  • 6
    Which of these television programmes appears in my favourite television shows?

  • 7
    Which of these movies does NOT appear in my favourite movies?

  • 8
    Which of these artists do NOT appear in my favourite groups?

  • 9
    What type of car do I drive?

  • 10
    How many Don't Tread On Me flags appear on my profile?

  • 11
    Which best describes my general ideology or philosophy?

  • 12
    Which of these book titles DOES NOT appear in my favourite books list?

  • 13
    What special feature do I have immediately above my Top Friends List?

  • 14
    In what upscale southern Florida magazine did I have a letter published to the editor?

  • 15
    Which inventory service do I work for?

  • 16
    Where is my employer's local district office located?

  • 17
    What type of profiles are my biggest pet peeves?

  • 18
    Which former president DOES NOT appear in my heroes list?

  • 19
    Which deceased professional wrestler appears most prominently in my heroes section?

  • 20
    How do external links often appear on my profile?

  • 21
    Which of these singers DOES NOT appear on my favourite singers list?

  • 22
    Which of these rappers appears on my favourite rap artists list?

  • 23
    What religious faith best describes me?

  • 24
    Which major city is NOT represented in my recommended radio stations list?

  • 25
    When did I start working for my current employer?