The How well do you remember Farscape Trivia exam Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my How well do you remember Farscape Trivia exam Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. Since Farscape has come and gone (1999-2003), there has been nothing that has yet to surpass this SCi-Fi Soap Opera. However the legacy of the characters and everyday human type emotions/situations and fanasy set in space still has left its enduring mark The questions come in the Good,The Bad, and the Ugly. Grab a wormhole and rack your brains in a trivia exam down memory lane.
  • 1
    John Crichton was an Astronaut for

  • 2
    Crichton had a Doctorate in

  • 3
    Which Character appeared in all 88 Episodes

  • 4
    Which Characters hair color changes according to their mood

  • 5
    What is the name Crichton gave the Scorpius clone that resides in crichtons mind

  • 6
    John Named his gun

  • 7
    John Lost his virginity to

  • 8
    Which character, when they scream, can melt metal

  • 9
    Rygel farts

  • 10
    Rygel is Dominar to how many subjects

  • 11
    D'argos weapon is

  • 12
    How long had D'argo been held captive by the Sebaceeans

  • 13
    EHow long has Rygel been deposed from his throne

  • 14
    Crichton regularly refered to Moya as

  • 15
    Who said "Freeze! Dont Move! or I'll fill you full of little yellow bolts of light".

  • 16
    Which species are the Preacekeepers arch enemy

  • 17
    Who said "My dear,I've kicked more ass than you've sat on"

  • 18
    Who said" Of course it's a foe. We have no friends".

  • 19
    Whose Brothe did John Crichton accidently Kill

  • 20
    Kent McCord played

  • 21
    Who said " 10% of this plan is lunacy 50% of these riches is not enough and 100% of dead is dead

  • 22
    Farscape is ranked where in TV Guides top 25 cult shows ever?

  • 23
    What Brand of Unerwear does John Crichton wear? (Episode Rhapsody in Blue)

  • 24
    Which character introduces the word Frell

  • 25
    This test is a load of