The How well versed are you in the occult Test

  • This test will show how much you know about the basic history of modern-day occultism.
  • 1
    Have you ever studied the Occult?

  • 2
    What was Dr. John Dee's official profession?

  • 3
    Where did Crowley's concept of "the Abbey of Thelema" originate?

  • 4
    Who were the founding fathers of modern day witchcraft?

  • 5
    Who brought the world of H.P. Lovcraft into Thelema?

  • 6
    Who is the father of Kaos Magick?

  • 7
    Who is Lam?

  • 8
    What is Geomancy?

  • 9
    What is Obeah & Wanga?

  • 10
    Who first used the svastica?