• There are a few ways to measure how well a person responds to hypnosis. Perhaps the most well known is the Stanford scale of hypnotic susceptibility, but that is measured by doing actual hypnosis, which is a little hard to do on a site like this.

    But there are a few different tests which are known to correlate strongly with hypnotic susceptibility. I have bundled together two of them here. You can choose to take just the first, or both. You will find more information about the second after finishing the first.

    The first test was developed by two psychologists in the seventies, and measures your level of absorption - how likely you are to are to get engrossed and immersed in something.

    For each question, you just have to decide whether the statement applies to you, and answer "yes" or "no". Try not to overthink the questions; there is no right or wrong answer.

    EDIT: I've noticed an error in the results, which should be fixed now. If you've taken it before, feel free to retake it to get your real result. Sorry for your trouble.