• 1
    I have several mental illnesses -- bipolar disorder, depression, cyclothymia, social phobia, schizotypal traits, avoidant traits, etc. I also have some problems with self harm (but nothing TOO serious). Guys like me aren't good enough for girlfriends and should just wank off to porno instead, right?

  • 2
    I'm totally inexperienced with sex -- that's bad huh?

  • 3
    If I put a gun in my mouth will you hope it's not loaded?

  • 4
    I deserve my problems, right?

  • 5
    A couple of days ago I ripped a birthday card my mother got me recently and she cried. Therefore I am evil, right?

  • 6
    The picture above is me, from a few weeks ago. Now: if I want to cyber with a girl it means I'm disgusting and sleazy -- even if I'm a virgin and hardly ever watch/look at porn, right?

  • 7
    If I want to try a new food, so I ask someone to make it for me (I can't really cook) and then I don't like it, I am a bad person for not liking the thing I asked for even if I wish I did, right?

  • 8
    I broke up my Internet rock band (we did heavy rock, grungey stuff, goth, darkwave, punk and some acoustic & '60s sounds and we used to make songs by sending files to each other to add instruments to) because of a fear of rejection. I suck huh?

  • 9
    I finally confess -- I've been a cutter on and off for 15 years. Why?

  • 10
    I used to be a Christian but lost faith because of constant lack of affection and no sexual attention. Does ANY of this make me a bad person?

  • 11
    I don't deserve love, do I?