• Welcome and thank you for taking interest in why the Cubbies are always losing. I am sick and tired of Jim Hendry and the Tribune Companies way of running the Cubs. They came up with a way to made terrible decisions year after year, and still manage to pack the seats at every game. I can't take it anymore! Year after year of the same crap, again and again. They've tried firing everyone but themselves. Not only do I feel that they are perfectly happy with the Cubs losing with packed seats, I think it turns them on! Damn I hate the Tribune Company! I hope you will enjoy taking my 32 question (give or take) test, as the other 2 Cubbie tests I found got way to much history, since that is the last time Wrigley will ever win. Try to win all three possiblities! If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or any more things that happens every year on the North Side, drop me a line! Enjoy, and viel spass!

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