• Hi! And welcome to my I wore a Flannel around my waist Test. This is an almost embarrassing tribute to those of us who survived the 1990's era known as "grunge" and what we took away from that time as we slowly descend into our 30s. cast out by the youth of modern age. cast out.. like a Temple of the Dog CD. it's a short quiz, I'll credit you for jsut knowing who these people are :)
  • 1
    What bands was Stone Gossard a member of?

  • 2
    This Movie was a grunge cult classic. (and we all still have the soundtrack)

  • 3
    She was the victim of a still unsolved murder in Seattle. (the lead singer of The Gits)

  • 4
    He got his start singing in his bedroom in Aberdeen Washington

  • 5
    "He was born on an island but he died from the streets and he hurts so bad like a soul breaking but he never said nothing to me" those lyrics were written about what musicians death?