The Idster's, Are You A Giver Or A Taker? Test

  • Hi, folks. Welcome to my "Are You A Giver Or A Taker?" test. Over the course of corresponding with different people over the past few years, I've noticed that people are varying different levels of conscientiouos. More conscientious people are a pleasure to talk to; less conscientious people kind of get tiresome after a while. I'll be using advanced logic to determine whether, in dealings with other people, you are more of a giver or a taker; that is, to what extent you exhibit care or conscientiousness for the other person, compared to the other person. Granted, some of this will vary based on how much you are interested in the other person or how much (s)he is interested in you, but some level of conscientiousness is generally consistent. People who are givers seem to possess more social awareness. I also feel that conscientiousness toward other people is largely a sign of self-respect and self-worth. So, are you a giver or a taker?
  • 1
    In conversations, you spend most of the time...

  • 2
    When beginning a conversation, you *usually*...

  • 3
    You respond to messages on this site from...

  • 4
    Would you refer to yourself as "snarky" (the new euphemism for "sarcastic")?

  • 5
    When first meeting someone, say, on a blind date, you're wondering most about...

  • 6
    You're getting romantic with a girlfriend or boyfriend, and you're both ready to take the next step. Who is most likely to proceed in pleasing the other person with massage, caress, going down, etc.?

  • 7
    In a romantic relationship, you are concerned primarily with...

  • 8
    You gauge the desirability of a relationship primarily by...

  • 9
    Between you and your significant others, who is usually the more affectionate?

  • 10
    In terms of being romantic, what means more to you?

  • 11
    You are more likely to offer to...

  • 12
    Your favorite number...

  • 13
    Politically, you are generally...

  • 14
    Are you generally okay with hunting animals?

  • 15
    Do you have any ethical issues with wearing fur?

  • 16
    Are you a vegetarian?

  • 17
    Are you a vegan?

  • 18
    If you see an insect in your vicinity, you are inclined to...

  • 19
    Have you ever donated blood regularly (not motivated by financial reasons)?

  • 20
    Bet you’re wondering what your favorite number has to do with being a giver or a taker. It doesn’t really; mosey on. :) Have you ever volunteered to help the less represented segments of the population(including animals)?

  • 21
    When you hope, pray or visualize, you do so for...

  • 22
    On the street, you see someone in medical distress. You...

  • 23
    On the street, you see someone is confused and needs help with directions. You...

  • 24
    If you see someone on this site who is going through distress (whether physical or emotional), you

  • 25
    Most of the world's people are...

  • 26
    In terms of your career, you decide your pursuits by...