• This test will show you how much you would over or under spend when given $1,000,000. Did you know that nearly one third of lottery winners become bankrupt? (Source)

    All test results include pictures! This test will ask you about the different things you would like to spend such new found wealth on.
    This test assesses whether or not you would likely go bankrupt using the "BK-Buffer" test variable, in which a negative number means bankruptsy is likely.

    There are two primary ways you can go about taking this test: Choose the stuff you would actually want to buy if you were a millionaire or just try to get as close as you can to one million dollars without going over, much like the Price Is Right game show. It is possible to spend exactly one million dollars, and there are many ways of doing it, but the chance of hitting it at random is about 1.5%.

    Important test info: If none of the options for buying something appeal to you, choose the option that you think is closest in value to what you want. To keep this test simple, assume the following: The $1,000,000 is in US currency, is given to you tax free, you pay cash for everything (no loans/financing), no maintenance/upkeep costs, no sales taxes, and any money not spent is saved or invested. If you can estimate the monthly or annual upkeep costs for the items and would like me to include them as another variable in the test, send me a message. If I use your data, I will give you credit by linking to your profile or website here.

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