The if you should move to NY and be with a phenominal man Test

  • This test is going to determine if you should go buy tickets right this instant and come fly to NY to meet me. (Well, ok, maybe e-mail me first.) The test is divided into four sections: loyalty, love, equality and sex (nothing graphic.) Have fun, and hopefully I will entertain you a little.
  • 1
    Ok, let's start with an easy one. Have you ever cheated in a relationship. We're talking even a kiss. Being drunk isn't a valid excuse. (Nice try though!)

  • 2
    Sometimes people lie. We've all lied sometime or another, but what about in relationships? How many times have you lied to a partner? (You will be penalized for skipping this question.)

  • 3
    Loyalty can be defined as feelings of allegiance. If the one you love is in an argument with someone and you disagree with him, would you still support him?

  • 4
    When is revenge acceptable? Let's say your love cheats on you. Is it acceptable for you to cheat on him back for revenge?

  • 5
    Love can occur over varying periods of time. When you have fallen in true love with someone how do they rank in importance in your life?

  • 6
    We all show our love in different ways. How do you? (Physically refers to kisses, hugs, cuddling. Emotionally refers to such such as saying "I love you." and being connected.)

  • 7
    How much importance do things such as wealth or power play into love?

  • 8
    "Two people, in separate boats, floating in the same direction." Or "Two people, in the same boat, floating in the same direction."

  • 9
    Hypothetical: A woman becomes pregnant (not married, but in a serious relationship) they can-not support a child. They have never had an abortion before. What would you do?

  • 10
    A man has information that can save two thousand people, guaranteed. He refuses to give up that information which will result in the death of two thousand people including children. Is it ok to use methods such as water boarding to extract the information?

  • 11
    Is it ok to burn the American Flag?

  • 12
    Should people of a different race receive extra benefits because of such?

  • 13
    I am not a virgin. What is your opinion on sex before marriage?

  • 14
    Sex is fun (well, it should be at least) Many times it can help or hurt a relationship. How important is sex to you? (Oral sex counts in this case.)

  • 15
    Under ideal circumstances, how often would you like to have sex?

  • 16
    How open to you are new things in the bedroom?