• Every morning, millions of people wake up excited by the challenge of spending another day doing a job they love.  A job that fulfills them.  A job that brings value to this tired old world.  A job, above all, that is nothing like yours!

    If you're among the millions of us who is underqualified for your dream job, overqualified for your lousy job, or-- not to put too fine a point on it-- entirely devoid of socially redeeming value, you're probably just stuck in the wrong reality.  This happens from time to time, as shifting quantum factors leave people stranded in dull realities to which they are ill-suited.


    Don't despair!  Now, thanks to the wonder that is this test, you can easily find out which completely imaginary career path is ideal for YOU!  Ever thought you'd make a terrific superhero?  Time-traveler?  Even a zombie?  Now you can find out for sure!


    Once you know, of course, there's still the matter of locating a quantum teleporter and finding your way to a reality in which your dream job actually exists, but this test can't solve ALL your problems.  It's just here to point you in the right direction.  So what are you waiting for?