• Hi! And welcome to my Immunology and HIV test Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine whether you are a scientist studying HIV or not, ha!
  • 1
    HIV is a virus that contains

  • 2
    The following are proteins in HIV except

  • 3
    Before it got into humans, HIV originally came from

  • 4
    Which person has the higher risk sexual contact?

  • 5
    Which of the following substances helps prevent sexual transmission of HIV?

  • 6
    An immune response thought to help control HIV infection and keep people asymptomatic after they are already infected is

  • 7
    Which opportunistic infection tends to have the latest onset in infection on average?

  • 8
    How many viral particles are produced in an infected person per day on average?

  • 9
    Someone gets pricked with a needle while drawing blood on a patient with HIV; on average, what is the chance they will get infected if they don't get prophylactic treatment?

  • 10
    Effective treatment of HIV usually requires

  • 11
    A person already has HIV infection; is there any risk to sexual exposure to another person who also has HIV infection?

  • 12
    Common side effects of HIV treatment can include the following except

  • 13
    Which of the following HLA types is known to be associated with slower disease progression?

  • 14
    The greatest depletion of total body CD4 T cells occurs during which time period after infection?

  • 15
    With treatment, a person with HIV can live at most