• It's a compatability test! You know the drill!

    I'm Imp. If you know who I am or saw my profile and are interested in if we'd work out - or if you're bored and are taking this for fun - this might be a good test!

    Yes, I know it's incredibly self-indulgent to have a personal compatability test!

    Note; this is full of bigotry and some slurs in the weed-out responses! There are also questions relating to violence and abuse, and the last page is all about sex, if you're uncomfortable. Feel free to skip it entirely and just ignore anything the results say about sex.

    Yes, they're mostly short blurbs that can't really capture full issues, by any means. The questions are not meant to be particularly subtle, it would be pretty obvious to pick answers that I liked! I've even starred all the answers I would pick if I were taking the test, if you're interested. But the point is really just to see if we'd be able to stand each other in the first place, so why lie? there's even a 'we wouldn't like each other but we could shack up' category, or a 'we are Not Relationship Material but we could be great friends' category, so y'know. I have no idea how horribly unbalanced the scoring for any category but 'nope' is!