• Hi! And welcome to my improved anarcho-capitalist test. I'll be once again using OkCupid's wonderfull system to determine your social and political affinities with anarcho-capitalism. To discuss the concept very briefly, and for the purpose of this test, anarcho-capitalism is a libertarian philosophy that promotes free market economics, private property, laissez-faire capitalism, and in a very broad sense, ethics of liberty. Anarcho-capitalism is a form of anarchism that holds the State as pervasive and unecessary, and its interventions in the free market and society as violent and coercive. The questions will be based on this set of themes, and the more you are inclined to the principles of anarchy and liberty, the greater score you will get at the end.

    You may ask why or how this test is supposed to be improved; well, I withdrew the previous test, because the 3-variable scheme and its categories were too arbitrary and appeared to be somewhat irrelevant for most people. This actual test is now based on 1 variable, Anarchism, and two categories. However, these categories won't give you any clear insight on your true political tendencies since they aren't very exhaustive, but this test is meant to promote anarcho-capitalism and not to replace Okcupid's political test, which is quite well done. There are also a few new questions that you will hopefully enjoy, and a new introduction!

  • Good luck!