• Hola! Welcome aboard my Book Character-Savvy Test. I'll be using both my logic and knowledge (I don't think they're advanced, at this stage) to determine your true nature. Well, not your true nature, just how many names of book characters you can recognize. Of course, one way of cheating is having seen the movies based on the novels/stories. Another way is Googling or Wikipedianing. Even Yahooing and IMDbing are ways of cheating. You can do it if you wish, but where's the fun? What? You're figuring what the hell, you can't have fun by reading books, anyway? Why, you little---! Get in there, come on!

    Update: Due to popular request, I've added the Fantasy / Sci-Fi category -which I must humbly say I barely know-, so that will be the third variable. I've also somewhat rewritten the results and changed the images. Before there used to be 4 possible results. Now you have 27.