• 1

    To "undo" a derivate one must take what is commonly called the antiderivative of the function. What is the proper name of the "antiderivative"?

  • 2

    Complete the following sentence with the words below: _____ is no time for Jonas and Missy to pack because ______ running late. Additionally, _____ car is already full.

  • 3
    Computer Science

    Which of the following file extensions represents a document extension? (meaning something such as a word document

  • 4
    World History

    Socrates was a philosopher from which ancient civilization?

  • 5

    The Tigris river, center of Mesopotamian civilization, runs through which of the following current day nations?

  • 6

    The carbon-14 isotope is radioactive for what reason? (Hint: the most stable isotope of carbon is carbon-12)

  • 7
    Physics (Bonus)

    If something free falls to earth for 3 seconds, how far will it have traveled? Assume no wind resistance, initial velocity is 0, and that acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s/s (m/s^2) [yes it's actually 9.8 m/s^2 but 10 doesn't require calculators]

  • 8

    What's the number one cause of death in people ages 10-24?

  • 9

    Which of the following can be found in plant cells but not in animal cells?

  • 10

    Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

  • 11

    Which of the following planets is the largest?

  • 12

    (x^2)+(y^2)=16 is the equation of a circle of what diameter?

  • 13
    Geometry (applied)

    If you walk 600 feet east, and 800 feet north... how far are you from your original location?

  • 14

    The trumpet belongs to which family of instruments?

  • 15
    Foreign Language

    Which of the following languages is not a romance language?

  • 16
    Social Studies (Extra Credit)

    A tariff is most closely defined as which of the following?