• My first test to measure a perfect match for me was a bit imbalanced. This one is far more scientific and will give a more accurate result. It will also incorporate some visual aids to help you make better choices in the test.

    Of course, this is still for laughs, but if you score high we should probably be friends. Simply put, I'm an unusual person, and it takes another unusual person to match me.

    So here we go... Are you my perfect match? Let's find out!

    And, before we get started--- THIS IS FOR THE LADIES ONLY, GUYS! ---It's not that I'm not interested in your hunky studliness, but that I'm just not looking for a man to be my perfect match. You will automatically score very low on this test if you're male, and the results are fairly pointless for men anyway. You've been warned.

    So, without further ado...