The In the End, YOU Shall Be Awarded a Naked Picture of Z0MB1E Test

  • You're a dudette. I'm a dude. You have a vagina. I have a penis. You like guys. I like gals. You have clicked on the link to my test. I have provided the test to which is now occupying your time.

    Let's just see if you can or cannot unlock the treasure chest that awaits its winner(s) at the end of the trial ahead: a NAKED photograph of yours truly, OkCupid's Z0MB1E!

    Some tests on this website focus on a singular subject. My concept for your questionnaire today is to combine a trivial pursuit of various subjects that all appeal to me. If you know me, have similar interests as I do, or happen to be one of my escaped clones (come back to me, PLEASE!), then this test should be a walk in the park. In other words, the topless, bottomless, and brainless Z0MB1E shall be yours to slobber over in a matter of minutes. But if not... well, instead of dick you get squash! Err... wait, I meant squat!

    Oh, and by the way, I realize that you may also be a guy as well. I didn't mean to assume that you were of the feminine genus; I just figured that me being a straight male and all that *you* in particular wouldn't want to get in on the action. Unless you're gay of course, then by all means, ogle to your heart's content!