• Welcome to the Indie Rock Test. Though, heavily biased on my knowledge of Indie Rock, this will test your skills in the field of Indie Rock. Good luck! If anything, hopefully this test will peak interest in some really good music out there.
  • 1
    Indie Rock has become the new Death Metal of Scandinavia with the area churning out act after act. Which of these acts is not from a Scandinavian country?

  • 2
    What band is this?

  • 3
    Which Death Cab for Cutie album contains the songs "Lightness" "Lack of Color" and "Expo 86"?

  • 4
    Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse was in a side project called Ugly Casanova. Who was Ugly Casanova?

  • 5
    Which of these isn't an Architecture in Helsinki song?

  • 6
    What band has 2 of the original members of the band, Tripping Daisy?

  • 7
    Which style of music best describes Califone's music?

  • 8
    What is the underlying theme to Bloc Party's "A Weekend in the City"

  • 9
    What duet couple group consists only of a female keyboardist and male drummer?

  • 10
    What band does this picture remind you of?