• Welcome, welcome, welcome! I didn't expect to see you so... soon! Sit down and allow me to bend your ear for a tick. I have something at least one of us may enjoy in store for you. It is a simple test of clarity. This evaluation can mean your sane or insane if you pass or fail, or it could mean both in one case and one in the other. No, no, no, it wont involve gloves or coughing so don't look so worried. Though you may feel a bit nauseous afterwards... No need to be shy, simply... Riddle me this... Alright folks I know some of you know were I got these questions and guess what? I own Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Ahm and Throne of Bhaal so I already KNOW were I got the questions from. I never said anywere on here that I used my own. I'm getting a little tired of the 40 emails a day in speculation of the riddles originality. I'm sorry if you've already played and beaten BG2 and these are uninteresting to you, but some people have never played it and might enjoy the riddles. Thank you.
  • This is Re-god-damn-diculious! I never thought this many people would take my simple fun little quiz :D My my my... I would tell you the amount of takers so far, but each week it goes up a hundred so even if I updated I would always be behind!!! Thank you folks for spreading the word and also to those of you who stumbled into it. I would tear with joy if I could. The doctors say I can't so deal with it jerks. Ok I lied I can, but you will get no tears now! Oh before I forget, I added new riddles for you folks so tell those who want to retake it. Its only fair. Just do it! -Desbet

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