• My Basic Knowledge test seemed to be pretty popular, so I was wondering how you guys would do if I brought it to the next level. This one is just a little bit different from my last one, but it is DEFINITELY tougher! As with last time, I'd like to point out that I'm 22, I've never even SEEN Harvard, I have no degree, and so this isn't going to be the highest grade test in the world. Also, I'm an American so it might be tougher for those of you not living in the states as I'm afraid I don't know what basic or intermediate knowledge is in Botswana, etc.

    This test only has 4 categories: history, science, literature, and politics. Each skipped question loses you TEN POINTS, so if you don't know just guess! Good luck and NO CHEATING!

    EDIT: I've reset all of the scores, as I changed the way the test was scored quite significantly. My apologies to those of you who have taken it already.