• This is a 24-question test meant to reveal the broad political grouping that matches your political opinions most closely, and which one most closely matches how you live your personal life. Sometimes they match, sometimes they don't, and neither way is necessarily better than the other. It may reveal something about how you think and how you live your life, though. There are 16 possible results based on different combinations. The test is USA-centric, so keep that in mind when you take the test and get the results.

    The loose definitions I'm going by that may come up in the results are:

    -Liberalism is associated with high levels of government intervention in economics, and low levels in personal matters;

    -Conservativism is low intervention in economics, high in personal;

    -Statism is high intervention in both economics and personal issues;

    -Libertarianism is low intervention in both.

    I have my own opinions on these and, since I'm only human, some of that bias will slip through. I did my best to keep it out of sight to improve test accuracy, and make all results at least somewhat positive.

    If you like short questions and short answers that require very little thought, this quiz will bore you. It's only 24 questions, but many of them aren't skim-and-click questions. You've been warned.