• Hi! And welcome to my Iron Chef Culinary Aptitude Test. Recently there has been a new wave of interest into the culinary field, brought on by great cooking shows and programming from places like the food network and HGTV. I will be checking out how much you have been watching these shows, listening to culinary terms and studying cooking in general. Ladies, if you find a gentleman that can score high on this test, it is a good sign of creativity and who knows he may actually be able to cook...Anyone can cook better than Bobby Flay...
  • 1
    How many times a week do you watch programming that is centered around cooking?

  • 2
    The cutting technique called julienne should resemble?

  • 3
    The soup gazpacho should be served?

  • 4
    What does the term tartare mean when applied to a meat-based dish?

  • 5
    Iron Chef Cat Cora is...

  • 6
    What herbs would you find in a bouqet garni?

  • 7
    What is the name of a classic chef hat?

  • 8
    What is Toro?

  • 9
    Classic preparation for Osso Buco requires?

  • 10
    Iron Chef Bobby Flay is...

  • 11
    The basic ingredients in pie dough are?

  • 12
    The cooking method Frying is considered...

  • 13
    The type of rice used in the dish rissotto is?

  • 14
    A smaller sized salmon commonly cooked whole is?

  • 15
    Iron Chef Mario Batali is...

  • 16
    Chateau Briande is cut from what?

  • 17
    In its classic preparation, what is layered between the meat and pastry in the dish Beef Wellington?

  • 18
    Haricot Vert is the name of a type of...

  • 19
    Meat is usually considered well done at what temperature?

  • 20
    Chef Masaharu Morimoto is...