• Did you ever have the gut feeling that your relationship was going wrong - and everything you tried to do to counteract the development worked against you? That you partner became a whole different person (and not a very nice one)? That something special just went away, for no obvious reason that could have been foreseen or counteracted? Well, here's the test to make the blind man (or woman) see!

    The theory of the Passion Paradox (as put forth by psychologist Dean C. Delis) says, that the quality of any human relationship depends on the balance between the involved parties. With regards to romantic relationships, it means that any given relationship will be fantastic as long as both partners want eachother equally. The theory also predicts that any imbalance will drive partners to act harmfully with regards to the relationship - a downward spiral begins. The partner who wants their other half more feels the need to be even closer; to secure the relationship by trying to modify their partner's behaviour - driving them even further away. The upside is that if you realize what's going on, you can counteract the development by adjusting your own behaviour - thereby altering the balance in your relationship and influencing the behaviour of your partner, without becoming all needy and insecure (or distant and mean, if you are the "other one").

    This test will tell you if your relationship is in balance or if things have already started going wrong. And it will even tell you, how YOU can get it back in order!