The It's not how hard you make it, its how you make it hard! Test

  • It's not how hard you make it, its how you make it hard! Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. TODO: REWRITE THIS.
  • 1
    It's your first date with a real hottie. He/She is showing a lot of interest and is keen to go back to your place after a stimulating night out on the town. Do you take them home with you " For a coffee or nightcap " ?

  • 2
    Let's assume you answered yes to question one. You're at home relaxing on the sofa with your favourite music playing. Your date is looking at you longingly waiting for you to make the first move and to start kissing or fondling. Do you make the first move?

  • 3
    O.K One of you at least has made the first move and you're kissing. Does this progress to fondling after a short time or do you wait to see what they do?

  • 4
    By now you are both naked on the sofa.You've got a condom on the coffee table beside you. Do you immediately start having oral sex or do you wait to see if they will start it first.

  • 5
    He's enjoying the blowjob so much do you continue till he comes or do you motion for him to go down on you too.

  • 6
    You're through with the foreplay ( fondling, oral sex } and you're having intercourse now. He asks you if you have ever tried anal sex. Would you be offended enough to stop everything right there and chuck him out.

  • 7
    You've finished making love and he's snoring away happily.Would you wake him up and tell him to go home because you have to work in the morning.