• It takes two ... to tango, anyway. And for many other things as well. In fact, there are twosomes all over the place. This test is all about folks well known because of a certain duality.
  • 1
    "It Takes Two" is a famous soul duet that was a huge hit for:

  • 2
    Frank Sinatra made a career comeback in the '90s with a pair of "Duets" albums. (Of course, he wasn't actually in the studio with any of his partners, who recorded their parts at a different place and time, but hey, it's not exactly news Sinatra was an asshole.) Which of the following singers did NOT record with him on one or the other of these albums?

  • 3
    In the aftermath of Sinatra's success, a slew of other "elder statesman" musicians also made similar albums, working with an eclectic group of artists. Which of the following did NOT jump on this bandwagon?

  • 4
    Some show-biz partnerships lasted longer than a single song. For instance, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers created movie magic by dancing together in a series of films. (As Katharine Hepburn famously observed, "Fred gave Ginger class, and Ginger gave Fred sex.") How many films did they make together?

  • 5
    Bing Crosby made a few films himself -- often playing a show biz character. In fact, he had a whole series of different costars, each of whom played his show-biz partner in song and dance performances within the movie. Which of these did NOT costar with Bing?

  • 6
    Popular music has brought us many pairs of singing siblings -- and others who claimed to be siblings. Of the following four duos, which pair was really related?

  • 7
    Of course, not everyone who performs with a partner actually needs a second person to do so -- sometimes actors play both halves of a pair of twins. Sitcoms and soap operas have both used this gimmick. Which of these actors has NOT played her own twin?

  • 8
    There have also been some serious actors in serious films who have played their own twin. Which of the following actors has NOT played his own twin in a movie?

  • 9
    Sometimes real people do have twins -- for instance, three of the following four people do. Which one does NOT?

  • 10
    Sometimes both members of a pair of twins achieve fame. Which of the following pairs of famous siblings are NOT twins?

  • 11
    Of course, the most famous twins of all are the original Siamese twins, Barnum performers and slave-owning patriarchs of the 19th century. Their last name was Bunker; their first names were:

  • 12
    Another kind of pair is a married couple. Some marriages work out; some don't. Here are four notoriously short marriages: which lasted the longest?

  • 13
    "If at first you don't succeed..." can be a motto for marriage as well. Three of the four couples here married each other more than once; which of the following couples got it right the first time?

  • 14
    Not only spouses and siblings live together; sometimes people share space just to save some money. Three of the following four odd couples were, in fact, roommates, at least briefly. Which were NOT?

  • 15
    Other pairings are all business -- or politics, or crime. Let's look at some of those. For instance, every US school child knows the 19th-century political slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too," and most would at least guess it had something to do with a presidential campaign. Correct on that, but too easy for this test! Tyler is John Tyler, who was the VP candidate; who was "Tippecanoe" at the top of the ticket?

  • 16
    Leopold and Loeb were a notorious young pair who engaged in a thrill killing in the '20s. Which famous director based a film on their story?

  • 17
    Marx and Engels cowrote "The Communist Manifesto," which was first published in London in 1848. In what language was this first edition published?

  • 18
    Stanley and Livingstone were a famous pair of explorers; famous for, if nothing else, Stanley's teddibly English greeting to the latter: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." Why had Stanley met up with Livingstone?

  • 19
    Some partners are also brothers -- like the Wright Brothers (first in flight and all that). Another pair of brothers famous in aviation history were the:

  • 20
    Speaking of aviation history, NASA's Gemini program was so named because two astronauts traveled on each mission. Which of the following famous astronauts did NOT fly on a Gemini mission?

  • 21
    The Gemini these flights were named after were the twins in the zodiacal constellation. These twins were:

  • 22
    Proctor and Gamble is a major corporation selling all kinds of consumer goods. They got their start back before the Civil War, and introduced Ivory, their first big success, in the 1880s. Of the following four P&G products, which was introduced first?

  • 23
    "Soap operas" were so named because they were originally sponsored by soap and detergent companies like Proctor and Gamble. Which of these soaps of yore was NOT sponsored by P&G?

  • 24
    Elsewhere in daytime TV -- game shows. Some of the best were Goodson-Todman productions. Which of the following was NOT?

  • 25
    Robert Louis Stevenson created one of the greatest pairs of literature: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The brilliant Dr. Jekyll developed a potion that transformed him into the evil Mr. Hyde. How does the story end?