• So, you think you know Italy. You heard your opera, you ate your pizza, you bought your shoes. Maybe you also visited Italy a couple of times, or watched some weird guy thank for an Oscar in a weird accent.

    But are you SURE?

    Ok, this is where you find out.

    WARNING: this test is quite long, so just enjoy yourself while doing it. IF you enjoy yourself, I would be happy to know. Even if you don't.

    DISCLAIMER: part of this test is declaredly based on Italian stereotypes, so nobody should feel offended. Also, this test aims to prove wrong some FOREIGN stereotypes about Italy: if you have a narrow idea of the Boot, you will find yourself guessing on most questions (which, I assure you, are mostly commonplace knowledge in Italy). But nevermind, guessing will not take your score down. LAST UPDATED: April 2013 Buon divertimento!

  • (Oh, and... Google is for lame cheaters)