• His musical beauty defies descriprion. Grace sums him up as perfectly as any word could. The power of his music is diaphanous, captivating, absorbing, truth in melody. I first heard of Jeff Buckley when a friend of mine sat in front of me one afternoon, in a smokey pub in Wednesfield, finished his smokey bacon crisps and started to play the most haunting lilting melody i had ever heard. He sang a poetry so pure and heartfelt over this tune that i was quite literally stunned into silence. That was the first time i heard "Last Goodbye", and Scott, I will forever thank you for my introduction. It was interesting researching for this test, and I hope that if you are not familiar with the answers to the following questions you will be inspired to look up him up, if you like music i promise, you will not be disappointed. At the very least log on to KCRW.com, type in Jeff Buckley and listen to a live recording of the magic that is.

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