• Hi! And welcome to my Jewish Test. What is being Jewish to you? What Jewish History do you know? Embrace your faith! Since only one answer can be marked; choose the closest one that meets your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.
  • 1
    Why is it so important to embrace our faith and heritage to overcome the world's antisemitism and hatred?

  • 2

    Do you come from a mixed marriage parents? Goi (Non-Jewish) parent & a Jewish parent?

  • 3

    Each one of us is a microcosm of all Creation. The achievement of harmony between one's soul and one's material life, is the achievement of harmony between the heaven and earth.

    Agree or disagree?

  • 4
    Through the course of your life do you find Judaism to be part of your beliefs, value system, spiritual influence, and education?

  • 5
    Shabbat, like many important facets of Judaism, has its origins in the Torah, where it is most notable as a day of complete cessation of labor. The prophetic tradition portrays it as a day of pleasures as well. Shabbat observances and customs over the ages and around the world illustrate the adaptation of Jews in many societies to new realities and new ideas. Do you observe the Sabbath? How strictly?

  • 6
    Jewish Food: # 4 large eggs, lightly beaten 1/2 cup soup stock 1/3 cup rendered chicken fat, melted 1 cup matzah meal 1 teaspoon salt Chopped chives What am I cooking?

  • 7
    Many Jewish entertainers have changed their names in order to assimilate into American society. Many you would not even know today. Do you think you should hide who you are in order to practice being Jewish?

  • Comments?
  • 8
    Do you follow the 10 Commandments?

  • 9
    Do you believe in G-D?

  • 10
    How Jewish are you?

  • 11
    Do you want your life partner to share your beliefs, spirituality, faith, and education in your marriage?

  • 12
    Have you been married before to a Jewish person?

  • 13
    The Bible or Torah says Jews must not be cremated. Is this something you would want anyways?

  • 14
    Do you raise or plan to raise your children with the core beliefs of Judaism?

  • 15
    Is your grandma/mom a "yenta" (busybody)?

  • 16
    What is "yeshiva"?

  • 17
    Did you have a bar/bat mitzvahs?

  • 18
    On what level does this apply to you? Keep your home, your marriage, your kids, your career--keep your life the way it is, but do it higher. That’s the idea behind what we call mitzvahs. A mitzvah is a connection between your world and a Higher Force.

  • Whar volunteer work have you done? If information is not proprietary then please list companies / non profits. Helps to get to know you better.

  • 19
    What is Halachah (Jewish Law)?

  • 20
    Do you find that your more observant of your heritage around family or alone?

  • 21
    What is the Capital of Israel?

  • 22
    If you could go back in history and be a Jewish... (Pick from one of the options...) who would you be? Something that you would contribute to society in a positive way and aid the Jewish people in their struggles.

  • Kindly elaborate what the reason is for your choice.
  • 23
    What is "besheret?"

  • 24
    What tradition makes you break the glass at the end of the blessed event?

  • 25
    Will you marry Jewish?

  • 26
    Have you joined Jewish Dating Sites?

  • Other comments/thoughts?
  • 27
    Every Jew should visit Jerusalem especially the Wailing Wall. What custom is followed?