• "Good evening! Great to see all of you here tonight. So kick back, relax, enjoy this little quiz; we're gonna get high tonight."
    (Loose paraphrase of intro to "An Evening with John Denver")

    Match the lyrics with the songs.
    Skip questions if you're not sure of the answer!

    Other than on the first question (which should be really easy for any Denver fan), leaving questions blank doesn't count against you. So only guess if you're pretty sure you know the answer (or can at least narrow it down a bit.) Some of the really-out-there responses count negative (and if you don't know the lyrics, you may not know which they are)...

    All of these songs were sung at one time or another by John Denver. They range from the well-known (I.E. the three or four JD songs the radio stations are apparently allowed to play) to...

    ...well, you'll see.