• Frankly speaking, this is flat-out the best Tolkien trivia quiz on all of OKCupid--mainly because it's the most difficult. It covers material from the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings: everything from Middle-Earth that we know Tolkien intended to publish. (There are no questions from the Lost Tales books, or from Farmer Giles of Ham, etc., in this test.)

    Take the time to think: many of the questions are somewhat obscure. If all you've done is see the movies a few times, you are going to crash and burn. If, however, you've picked over the books (and maybe even some supplementary materials such as David Day's Tolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopedia), you will get a very high rank. Since this test is not easy, that high rank will actually mean something.

    Ranks are awarded with a % correct score, and the name of a Tolkien character who knows about as much about the Middle-Earth universe as you do. Don't feel that the 'bad guys' have in some way scored lower than the good guys--for example, a score of Shelob outranks a Frodo.

    All questions are worth the same amount of points. It is statistically in your favor to guess.

    We have a NEW champion! The sage damienlss3 has achieved a score of 98% Elf-Lore, earning him the rank of Gandalf! Bow down, frail mortals.