• Welcome to the computer-assisted version of Keeping Score.

    This multiple choice test serves both as a tutorial and as an example of a life enhancement tool called a tally. A tally is part of a larger system of self-management that encourages activity-tracking and goal-setting.

    In its original form, a Keeping Score tally is a paper list of potential tasks that you need -- or like -- to do. This list is first carefully designed to suit your life, then duplicated in bulk so that you may use a fresh tally to track your accomplishments every day.

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    What A Keeping Score Tally Does:

    Using a tally provides you with four numerical scores.

    The accomplishments score records your overall achievement within a 24 hour period.

    The remaining scores measure how these accomplishments divide into three spheres of concern:

    Health & Body explains itself. Sphere points earned here reflect the effort you expend to support your physical self.

    Work & Home reflects your energy expenditure for maintaining your environment. Conventional tasks and chores show up here.

    Mind & Soul measures activities that support your intellect and mood.

    Tracking and comparing the three sphere scores over time allows you to determine if your daily activities are supporting your priorities and goals.

    The process of setting up and keeping a personalized tally clarifies and simplifies goal setting. Once you are aware of your activity patterns, it is easy to see where you want to make changes.

    How To Sample Tally-Keeping:

    Creating a personalized tally requires some time and effort. Keeping a tally once it has been designed, on the other hand, is easily accomplished in just a couple of minutes each day.

    To get a feel for what a tally of your own creation might be like, read through the next four pages of this test and check off any activities that you've done in the last 24 hours.

    NOTE: This tutorial requires much more reading, tracks many more possibilities and features a broader score range than most working tallies do. The personalized tally of a single, childless, apartment-dwelling, 20-something, for example, would probably not include as many queries about home maintenance or child-rearing as the tutorial tally does. (It might instead include more queries that detail work, school or social activities.) In addition, a working tally does not need to include many examples and instructions regarding the various queries. As you try to visualize what a custom-made tally would look like, understand that all of the text written in this shade of blue could be removed from the questionnaire section of the tally.

    Give it a try. You might be surprised to see what you've achieved in the last day.

    How To Interpret Results:

    At the end of this tutorial test, you will receive a score that looks something like this:
    190 accomplishments, 8 health and body, 17 work and home, and 113 mind and soul

    190 -- 200

    In order to extract personal meaning from this tally you will need to generate several sample scores by taking the test repeatedly and recording the results. This can be done in any manner that helps to establish a good baseline score. Some individuals might prefer to take the test once a day for several days (including at least one weekend day.) Others might prefer to take the test as if several days had passed.