• Hi! And welcome to my Kink Spectrum Analysis (KSA) test.

    [20080906: If you're on HelloQuizzy right now, please move over and take it on OkCupid. There's a bug in HQ that prevents the most important part of the result from being displayed.]

    Unlike many other tests I've seen, the KSA is not supposed to tell you just how kinky you are in relation to others, from the point of view of the test's author. Nor is it based on past experience -- I consider that a rather poor indicator for your status quo regarding kink.

    Instead, I will evaluate your current desire to engage in several kinky activities, and try to distill the result into a short description that allows you to compare yourself with potential partners. Since people's preferences tend to change, I recommend that you take the test again when you discover new likes or dislikes.

    Unfortunately, it takes quite a while to answer all 150 questions (not as much time as it took to write them, though). If you're in a hurry, please bookmark this page and remember to come back later.

    Note: Due to the sexual topic, this test is rather explicit. If you're easily offended, I recommend you leave and take another test.

  • In many questions I will refer to a "partner". That refers to a significant other as well as someone you have (or are going to have) sex with, like a friend with benefits (aka fuck buddy) or one night stand. Whether you're in a relationship or not should not affect the result of the test.

    Please note that the term "kink" as I use it here is not a synonym for BDSM. Therefore, I'll avoid common BDSM terms like dom/sub, top/bottom or master/slave. Instead, I'll speak of "givers" and "receivers" or "active" and "passive" participants.

    For the same reason, I'll disregard the non-sexual aspects of the BDSM lifestyle (e.g. 24/7 relationships). So, if you're looking for a BDSM compatibility test, there probably are better ones around. This test exclusively deals with fun in bed (or other places, if you prefer that).

    The Triskelion (shown above) is a symbol for several aspects of BDSM. On the one hand, it stands for the three main BDSM variants: Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadism & Masochism. On the other hand, it also symbolizes the widespread motto: "Sane, Safe and Consensual" that you should always keep in mind when engaging in all kinds of kinky activities, whether they're BDSM related or not.

  • [Update 2008/09/24]

    There are two new questions at the end of the test. They hardly affect your score, though.

    By the way: If you see questions like "Click here to change", please ignore them. It probably means that I'm currently editing the test. There's a glitch in the test editor that requires me to save new questions before I can edit them. :(