The Kiskisee's Super Sexy And Fun Compatibility Test

  • Hello and welcome to my Kiskisee's Super Sexy And Fun Compatibility Test.

    Yes! It's another OkCupid user-created compatibility test. Chances are, if you are taking this test you have been to my profile or have ran across my picture on the site somewhere. I created this test to give my OkCupid friends a chance to see what is important to me.

    As you run through this 18 question test you will see that some questions have more than one good answer. Don't sweat it, the scores are deliberately distributed in a way so that there could be two right answers to a test. Just like there can be different kinds of great guys, different answers will reflect each person's individual values and personality. Just have fun, and enjoy yourself - let your individuality shine.

    Good Luck!