• Hi! And welcome to The KISS Test For Fans Not Fanatics Test.

    You won't need to know how many records KISS sold in Japan or who the hell Neil Bogart was. My goal was to create a test that a casual KISS fan could pass and a major KISS fan should "Ace", no pun intended (at least, not until I went back and capitalized the first letter and put quotations around it)

  • It's 20 questions worth 5 points each and a bonus at the end worth a bit more. I grade you on the old school letter system along with a mini pep talk or personality evaluation, depending on how you score.

    And now is the time of starting...

  • 1
    Though popular as a live act, KISS's record sales remained low until the release of this "breakthrough" album which sent them to the top of the charts.

  • 2
    In addition to "Carnival Of Souls" what is the only other KISS album to fail to attain RIAA Certification?

  • 3
    In the early days, Ace Frehley was unsure of his singing voice and gave his songs to other members of the band. What was the first song to finally feature him on lead vocals?

  • 4
    Though Paul and Gene were responsible for most of the bands hit songs, Peter Criss contributed their highest charting single to date. Name that tune...

  • 5
    Which band member came up with the design for the KISS logo? You know, the extremely non-swastika-related lightning bolts.

  • Each member of KISS has an "Alias". For example: Ace Frehley is "Space Ace". Since his is a bit of a giveaway, I used him as an example. Name the other 3 members A.K.A's.

  • 6
    Who is Peter Criss also known as?

  • 7
    Who is Gene Simmons also known as?

  • 8
    Finally, who is Paul Stanley also known as?