• The Middle Ages. Where lords and knights roamed around, generally being chivalrous until the Renaissance came along and kinda mucked things up a bit. Fancy yourself right in the court for a bit of intrigue? Or are you doomed to work the fields, shovelling dung? Find out here.

    Please take note of the scoring system that I've employed throughout most of the test (except the first and the special questions).

    • 2 points for a correct answer.

    • -1 point for an incorrect answer.

    • No points for an answer left blank.

    I guess all of the answers could be found by some serious Googling, but you wouldn't want to spoil your fun now, would you?

    Final Note: Many of these questions are biased towards the Middle Ages history of England. I decided to write a test on what I knew best, and I'm not sure that the Middle Ages history of the southern half of Togo (for example) would reach a wide audience. :)