• Hi! And welcome to my Knowledge Test. I'll be using a survey to test your knowledge of me after reading my profile.
  • 1
    My birth year is 1974 and it is the year that what movie was released in theatres?

  • 2
    My given name is Mary. It is the English form of what name?

  • 3
    How old will I be this year in 2008?

  • 4
    Which of the following does describe me?

  • 5
    I am really good at ONE of the following:

  • 6
    Favorite food is

  • 7
    The thing that topped the list of things I could not do without is:

  • 8
    What if something happened I would

  • 9
    The first thing people notice about me is my...

  • 10
    I am a/an: