• Hi! This test will show you how well you know the languages of the world. It begins with easier questions and later can be quite hard. All questions has only one correct answer. I welcome all feedbacks and you can send plus questions if you have some good ideas.
  • 1
    Which language is spoken by the most people as a mother tongue?

  • 2
    The modern scientific words mostly come from...

  • 3
    Which language belongs to the Indo-European family (to which belongs English as well)?

  • 4
    Which language is not Slavic?

  • 5
    English is a far relative of the...

  • 6
    Which language of the following uses the Latin alphabet?

  • 7
    Which language does not belong to the Altaic family?

  • 8
    Switzerland has four official languages. Which one of the following is not among the four?

  • 9
    Which language from the following is not Semitic?

  • 10
    Which country has the highest number of different living languages?

  • 11
    Which people use click sounds (click consonants)?

  • 12
    Which language is not tonal from the following? (Tonal language means: the same word has different meanings depending on the tone/accent)

  • 13
    Tibetan language is a relative of the...

  • 14
    Classical Nahuatl was the language of the...