The last man standing on Earth (REVISED - 12/Apr/08) Test

  • (REVISED - 12/Apr/08) Hi! And welcome to my revised last man standing on Earth test. I have tightened up the scoring a bit to be more accurate. OK, so it has happened...everyone disappeared from the Earth with no warning whatsoever. For some reason, possibly because you lived such a pure existence, you have been spared. YOU are the last (wo)man standing on Earth. So, you are alone. You need to survive. Have you planned for this eventuality? I am thinking that most have not. To be sure though, some have. Perhaps you are one of them (and they called you a crazy doomsday prophet! Now, with all of your planning and preparation, you are the envy of, well, nobody. Remember, you are alone!) Phew! Let's get started. There are 17 questions and you don't want to skip any.