• Laser beams from your eyes? Claws from your finger tips? Super-sonic flight? Uncanny ability to stub your toe? What's your super power? Through careless analysis and unfounded assumptions, this test will unearth your true potential should you find yourself in an alternate dimension or exposed to oodles of radioactive alien crystals.

    But this is much more than a determination of your super powers. For at heart, a person's super powers are an extension of who they are, and thus a person's super power is a statement of who they are. Comparing super powers can lead you to find out who you might be compatible with.

    At the end of the test, you'll receive a super power, and an analysis of what super powers compliment you in different ways. You may have...
    Sidekicks; people likely compatible but more submissive.
    Partners; people likely compatible and equal to you in assertiveness.
    Mentors; people likely compatible with you but more dominant.
    Opposites; people you're most likely very incompatible with.

    So, answer truthfully and assume your latent super power!