• Hi! And welcome to my leave a child behind to study Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. I do nails for a living and meet some beautiful young girls that come in to get their nails done. Sadly , they are as dumb as a bag of diapers. It makes me want to cry that they spend so much time getting so pretty on the outside and have nothing going on inside. So in one conversation a pretty young thing claimed to have a 4.0 GPA and asked me if Japan and China were the same place....HUH? I came up with a little quiz that I would ask the girls to see what the state of our school system really was in, yikes. I am not a fan of the "no child left behind" program, and I feel that some kids need to be left behind to study, maybe even to look at a map. When we have schools lowering their testing standards so that they don't lose their funding, we are seeing obvious flaws in this completely retarded idea. So , This is a quiz of general knowledge that I feel we should all know when we graduate high school. If you do not know this stuff, you should click on that little red box in the right hand corner of your screen (the one with the little x in it) and go to the public library and read. I do not mean to sound so high and mighty, but I have met at least two dozen high school graduates over the summer who just graduated this last year who did not know the answers to these questions. I feel that even if you never went to school and stayed home and watched TV, maybe even south park , you should be able to pick up on this stuff. good luck!!!
  • 1
    How many continents are there on Earth?

  • 2
    If you aren't American, its okay if you skip this one...When we are looking at the pretty fireworks on the forth of July, we are celebrating our independence day..Who is that independence from?

  • 3
    If you are standing in California and you are looking out at the Ocean, what body of water are you looking at?

  • 4
    If you are standing in New Jersey and you are looking at the Ocean, What body of water is it?

  • 5
    Is Iraq in China?

  • 6
    Who fought in America's Civil war?

  • 7
    What was the American Civil war fought over?

  • 8
    Which one of the following words is an adjective?

  • 9
    can you spot the noun?

  • 10
    What is the square root of 144?